The El De Uberti Silver Goblet is a special type of sterling silver goblet that was produced by an Italian manufacturer. Most of the goblets made by the de Uberti company are considered antiques now. They are very hard to get your hands onto and if you can you should hold onto them.

What makes them special is that they are made of the highest quality. Italian silver goblets are special for any occasion because they make and dinner setting really stand out. Most de Uberti silver goblets are 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide at the top. The base is usually 2.5 inches in diameter and each goblet weighs around 150-160 grams. The only way you can tell if you are purchasing an authentic set of de Uberti silver goblets is to look for the de Uberti crown logo, the initials "EL" and the word "Italy" stamped on the bottom. Be certain to look for those trademarks when purchasing de Uberti silver goblets. If you do not then you are just being sold any old sterling silver goblet.