Sterling Silver Goblets For Sale
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The History of Wine Goblets

I know what your thinking. A goblet is nothing more than a cup. Well, your right. But did you know the history behind this cup goes back to the 1300s. Goblets have been used as far back as the earliest religious ceremonies. Wine has been the primary drink of choice for it and continues to be. In its earlier days it was originally known as a chalice mainly because of its religious symbolisim. Another name for it is Kiddush. This is the reciting of a blessing over the wine, prior to eating a festive meal. We are going to go over a little more about its origins so next time you are having people over for some wine you can throw in some neat facts about what you are drinking from.

Nowadays you primarily see them at weddings. The bride and groom use them to toast their guests. Goblets serve two purposes at weddings. They make beautiful accents to the reception’s decor and not being a common item are used as a status symbol as well as a dining accessory. What kind of status would depend on what kind you are using. The most popular types at are crystal, gold, and sterling silver. Crystal makes for a nice setting on any table. To say something about your status would depend on where it came from. The Czech Republic produces some of the worlds best crystal and says something about what you think about crystal if you buy it from there. Gold cups are symbolic of family and tradition. There are also goblets made of pewter, if you like pewter, and they’re not as expensive as crystal and sterling silver. It is most common for people to give kiddush cups as gifts for special occasions such as Bar Mitzvahs or weddings. If you’re into glass or crystal, wedding goblets are just one among hundreds of items that are manufactured by glass and crystal companies around the world. Some wedding vendors sell goblets made of red glass which will go well with any wine, and at Christmas time, you can take them out of your glass cabinet to grace your dinner table.

Sterling Silver has a unique history. One of the most interesting characteristics of a sterling silver soblet is its hallmark. A hallmark is a mark on the item given via a hammer and a punch. Countries have developed their own levels of silver quality. The French typically have the highest silver standards amongst all nations. The French required a silver content 950 parts per thousand. The French hallmark was the head of the goddess Minerva. The Germans are made with 800 parts per thousand and are usually marked with an "800" or "900" on it to show the quality as to which they are made. Other countries such as Russia, Spain, and Italy have developed their own chalices and are equally as nice. The Gorham Company would mark their sterling silver goblets with a Lion Passant, an anchor, and the letter "G" and sometimes with a number to show how many parts per thousands the piece had.

Having a lot of dinner parties? Do you serve wine? Impress your guests with knowledge about the goblets you are drinking out of. Sterling silver goblets are the best kind of goblets to own.